4 – Baltimore to P. William Park – 85.7 – 329

Getting out of Baltimore, into DC and out of DC again has been one of the scenic rides so far. Relaxing trails through the Anacostia trail system which cuts through countless parks like Riverside, Indian Creek, Riverdale. A greenway of parks that connects city to suburb and back to city in the megalopolis of east coast historical cities. I’m not sure what the underground racing scene is like in DC or Baltimore but these trails would be an awesome place to throw a race. See photo below.

DC provides beautiful bike lanes that bring you right across the National Mall in sight of all the monuments. After stopping for delicious pancakes at Fare Well on H street I had the afternoon to make it to the beautiful Prince William State Park.

Camping on a bed of leaves, with the stars above me and the crickets chirping, I imagined what it would be like to be cycling through foreign countries – unable to speak the language or read signs. Countries where google maps hasn’t factored in “bicycling” directions quite yet. Or even cycling off the major roads through unmarked trails and using a simple compass and good spirits to get you from place to place. Perhaps that’s for another day though, another adventure.