5 – P. William Park to Richmond – 87.9 – 416.9

Upon grabbing the spare mountain bike I had strapped to my back the entire time, I hit some gnarly forest service roads and decided to try my luck in downhill mountain biking, hopping fallen branches and massive rocks the entire way. Until I realized I was on my trustworthy steed, the graceful road bike not very much interested in the requirements of mountain biking. I, however, am interested, and tried my luck. 

Well, I ended up having to hike with the bike beside me for half a mile or so attempting to exit Prince William park through some shortcut trails. Google maps put me on a service or ATV trail that kept getting narrower and narrower and overgrown. It was a fun ride but on a mountain bike it would have been extraordinary. I wonder if finding trails like this would be easy and if riding a mountain bike would be more of a hassle on touring trips like these. They provide comfort on the off roads, but clunkiness and diminished speed and limited hand positions on the road. Perhaps a cyclocross bike would be perfect. Maybe I’ll start a gofundme.