10 – Edenton to Dover – 93 – 689.9

The rural farmlands of North Carolina proved a long calming day with bright sun and warm weather for the halfway marker of this journey. Whenever paths weren’t bring crossed with baby farm animals and buzzing electrical towers, the beautiful Roanoke River valley provided scenic vistas green with life. 

After stopping for breakfast at your local eatery, where I satisfyingly consumed a happy six dollar meal of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and coffee, I met a man by the name of Ed Greene who grew up just a few miles north and has frequented this eatery many times. He asked me what I was up to and what brought me to this part of the country. After he heard my story he told me his, and dropped some knowledge. He suggested not to get married until 30 and not to have kids until 35. That he’s been as far as Canada, hunting deer, and that it is a vast merciless country full of wilderness and untouched landscape. 

He realized on his travels, how small we really are, how very tiny your life is and your issues are. Not only is this a small country he said, but a small part of history, a show he watched on the television just last night states some European artifacts more than 3,000 years old. That puts into perspective how short your time here on earth is in this grand solar system part of an infinitive universe, and if you want to pedal your bike from NYC to Florida there’s never a right or wrong time to do it, there just is. Ed Greene gave me his contact info, told me that when I get to the Florida keys, get in touch with him to let him know I’m safe. Will do, Ed.