8 – Portsmouth to Edenton – 74.4 – 596.9

Some of the things you think about when you are not really doing anything other than pedaling your bicycle for 9 hours a day. This is somewhat of a full time job…

What to eat

Where to pee

How many minivans passed 

Which way the sun is facing therefore am I headed true south

How much more daylight 

What’s the weather



What to eat

How many baby farm animals

The buzzing sound that electrical towers make 

Why does the wind suck

Take advantage of the downhill and get as low as possible to get as aero as possible and gain as much distance as possible

So many abandoned barns

How many people will wave

How many pickup trucks

Can count the hybrid vehicles on one hand so far

No cars passing me, I can take up the road and ride no hands

Drink water

Eat food

Urinate while riding, finally got around to doing this

Unzip jacket

Zip up jacket



Wind sucks

Grimace of pain

I love the trees on the side of the road that really help break the wind force coming at you

Halfway point

How many miles have I completed

How many miles to go

14 miles per hour means I will complete 60 miles in a little over four hours 

Rumble strips on the narrow shoulder suck

The drivers that move way over the yellow line either have ridden a bike or have families



Breakfast is the most satisfying meal to eat, protein, carbs, some fruit 

How many calories burned

How’s my form

What’s that kink in my shoulder

Twist and crack my back 

This is a very simple, peaceful 40 hour plus riding week