19 – Beaufort to Savannah – 54.9 – 1107

After a spectacular welcome into Beaufort, South Carolina, where my amazing hosts, Erika and Matt, prepared a traditional southern lowcountry boil of shrimp, potatoes, corn and veggies, which we enjoyed with white wine, and healthy laughter with some old college friends she ran into that same day and decided to invite over for catching up, I decided to take the next day slow and relax at Common Ground, and enjoy some coffee and views over the water. It was the first time I took any bags off the bike and went for a ride and must I say it was quite enjoyable. 

I removed the saddle bag which holds my bivy tent, colder weather accessories that I haven’t used since I left NYC, stuffed at the bottom, such as arm and leg warmers, gloves, and a dry bag stuffed with a change of cycling kit clothing, a small micro fiber camping towel purchased in a flea market in Spain, and my NYC marathon emergency foil blanket. I also removed the handlebar roll, which contains a dry bag with my sleeping bag, and strapped to it are an orange vest, windbreaker pants and my sleeping pad. I left the triangle frame bag, which holds cooking equipment which I haven’t used yet, tent stakes, mini pump, first aid and emergency kit, toiletries, chargers and random accessories. I also left the gas tank, which holds little snacks. 

Riding down route 21, I stopped by Lowland Bicycles, where I was generously offered a free chain cleanup and lube, after some falls in the sand and 1,000 miles it was well deserved. The route continues to St. Helena Island,  which is home to Penn Center, the nation’s first School for African Americans. 

After stopping for some grub at Foolish Frog, where kind patrons and employees inquired about my bicycle and the adventure ahead of me, I was told that route 21 was recently put on National Geographic’s list of best drives due to its cultural and historical significance and pure beauty. 

After dreadfully placing twenty pounds of gear back on the bike, the live oak and Spanish Moss followed me all the way to Savannah, through its national wildlife refuge, where I scoped out some gators, river birds, and mosquitoes. 

The first thing I did in Savannah was consult my list of to do and visit. One perk of having awesome friends around the world from different backgrounds helps you find places you might enjoy if you know each other’s interests well enough, and I was happy to have been recommended the cafe Foxy Loxy, where they have happy hour not only on alcoholic beverages like most places, but on lattes as well! Thanks McCourt!