22 – Hostel in the Forest to Jacksonville – 72.3 – 1264.2

Appreciating nature can only happen if you allow it to; you can own a vehicle and hit the ‘outdoor’ locations, but not exactly immerse yourself into it if you don’t choose to. I was recommended a place to stay between Savannah and Jacksonville, that contained tree houses and pond and pools, and vegetarian dinners. This little bit of nature is unlike anything I had experienced before, so I decided to check it out and spend the night there rather than ‘stealth’ camp.

A community like couchsurfing has the ability to bring like minded people together. When you have an openness to allow strangers into your home, you tend to be inquisitive about the lives of others. This inspires you to learn more from surfers or hosts, either about their country or culture or history, or their travels. When these people get together, conversation flows freely and new perspectives leave you with an intrigue for making your way to far expanses of the globe that you haven’t yet seen. Exchanging stories with my host, Ashley, we were able to catch up as old friends would; hearing about her trip to India and learning, again, what I’ve learned countless times on this trip, that the inspiration of travel comes not necessarily from the destinations you end up in, but the connections you make with fellow travelers that make the trip memorable.

Staying at The Hostel in the Forest nurtured a positive environment, where seated on the ground around the camp fire, we shared stories of our travels, missions, goals and issues. After one forest goer shared a somewhat dark, personal experience, a feeling of being detached from his emotions, he was suggested by another forest goer that some people are far in, and some people are far out, and that it’s finding that center in yourself that will be calming and meaningful. He continued to share his own beliefs, that we all have our own vibrations, like atoms do, and that it is important to surround yourself with like minded vibrations from like minded people.