35 – Miami to Key Largo – 69.2 – 1757.4

After leaving the Miami Hostel scene, which I was forced to stay in because 1. I didn’t have any hosts to stay with and 2. It was the cheapest option (a 12 person bunk room with a bunch of smelly travelers in tight quarters, but breakfast and dinner included), I learned what I’ve stated dozens of time, that if you are following this blog and are interested in the kind of travel that offers friendship, and local guidance and honesty, Couchsurfing is for you, not hosteling, not air b n b, not hotels, not resorts. I’ve met so many amazing people through Couchsurfing that being exposed to the “typical” travel scene, the hostel scene, I was surprised by how foreign it all seemed. People lined up on couches, using wifi, not talking to each other, spending all night indoors, in the hostel, with other people from different countries, eventually going out to the bar scene that places like Miami beach offer at night. This is just one perspective of the hostel scene, I am sure there are good experiences out there, but I found it impossible to compare a method of travel like the aforementioned to one through Couchsurfing.

I met Jason in Boca Raton, who hosted me for two nights, showing me around the scene, and inspired my next trip, a bike tour through Southeast Asia. After hearing his stories on the lifestyle and cultural experiences he was able to participate in, like baby showers, through Couchsurfing in countries like Cambodia, I was convinced! And after being 100 miles away from my finish line, if there’s any way of seeing a place, it’s through its people and their food, and what better way to eat than as a hungry cyclist.