Buru Buru: A New ‘living’ Amphitheater for the Ragdale Foundation by Bittertang

Client: Ragdale Foundation

Build Team: Adam Feldman, Alvaro Ascencio, Antonio Torres, Dami Kim, Efren Garcia, Emily Gruendal, Grace Kim, Michael Loverich, Roberto Arguelles, Victor Reyes, Vincent Ribeiro.

Buru Buru is an amphitheater that merges together performance, spectators, landscape, architecture and sculpture into a single form at Ragdale. Built out of hay, it is partially living, organic and biodegradable and will transform the way that we view and participate in 2014’s programming.

From some angles Buru Buru appears to be solid earth and others it appears to push from the ground amidst swirling forms. The front side is open sharing similarities to a cave entrance or a grotto. Its surfaces primarily are of straw but interspersed throughout are flowering vines scrambling across its surfaces. The ceiling will allow dappled light to penetrate the cavernous interior as well as some of the vines to dangle into the space. At dusk an array of LED’s from above will produce an artificial night sky above the performers. Buru Buru’s flexible materiality will allow it to perform both as growing medium, sitting surface and canopy for performances. By season’s end most of the material will be composted to nourish future gardens.